Cub World: Additional Programs

Cub Scout Program Camping Opportunities


My Son and I

"I'd really like to go to camp, but my Pack is going the week we're on vacation."  NO PROBLEM!!  If you can't come to Cub World with your Pack, try coming just you and your son. Enjoy a weekend session with your son exploring the outdoors by visiting our Nature Lodge, hiking through the woods, archery, BB range, swimming, field sports, climbing wall and a variety of other activities!

Sibilings Program

A program that will allow siblings of Cub Scouts to participate in the Cub World Experience. We offer this program for siblings, both girls and boys, ages 6 to 12. This will enrich the families camping experience, as everyone will be able to participate. The purpose and intent of this program is to enable the parent to attend by removing the concern of: “but what do I do with his sister?” The siblings will follow a separate program from the Cub Scouts, but will rejoin their families for most meals, and at the campsites in the evenings.